Establishing a procurement strategy Essay

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“Establishing a procurement strategy – New concert hall” Assignment Introduction This assignment has been designed to enable you to prepare a report style paper on two currently used UK construction procurement methods that would be applicable to the example scenario below. Upon presenting the two most suitable options you should then suggest which one would be most suitable for the scenario given. Your assignment is outlined below. Construction projects, establishing a procurement strategy Many clients to the construction industry will often face a steep learning curve on their construction project or programme. To establish a valid and robust procurement strategy at the outset is considered a key aspect to achieving a successful outcome …show more content…

d) Project Quality As stated below referring to item Quality, the chosen high level of quality will impact in procuring this scenario, for example; if the client will use design & build route, where there is no guarantee that he will obtain the required quality from the contractor, the client is advised to have his design advisor. III. External Factors The given scenario indicates a major consideration about the funding issues; refer to item Cost, as well as obtaining the suitable expertise outside the client resources that might affect the chosen route too. 2. Defining the project objectives, Setting and Prioritising Project Criteria: I. Time The project objective here in terms of time is to deliver the project from inception to completion within 24 months to include the cost planning, design and construction activities (Mcleod, 2005), there is an advantage for the early start of construction site, as well as there is no constraint on spending the money within specific date, also the risk associated with the late changes in terms of time can be managed in this scenario, as there is no specific delivery date for the project to be achieved. In conclusion, this scenario does not put the time as of the essence, but will be one of the main objectives in the concert hall delivery project; therefore a suitable weight will be taken (4 out of 5). II. Cost The objective here is to deliver the project within the

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