Esteban's Ability Of The Drowned Man

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Esteban's presence had a huge impact in transforming the villager’s life as the ability of the drowned man helped them go beyond towards what they have never thought of. When everyone had a chance to look to look at his face, they noticed he was momentous and historical figure- according to his size and weight. Due to how amusing Esteban looked, the children didn’t miss out on the opportunity of playing with him and the men liked him because of how attractive he looked. They wished if the drowned man was alive and lived in his village. When the drowned man was taken to the nearest house, men and women gathered for together for the first time anguished in misery. His presence enlightens the villager’s lives as they start to realize that they can surpass their own limitations by not just following their rituals. It also gives them the inspiration and self-belief to see how changes can be made in their lives by conquering the barriers approaching towards them.

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