Eth 316 Week 2 Case Study Supervisors

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When I was reading the Case Study 35, I figured that Mary would know that others would probably have tried for her position, just as she had done. I supposed it would have been nice to inform her about Juanita and Sue while offering her the position. I do not think she would have let that make her turn it down. Chris did inform Mary about the internal candidates and the issues she may have with Juanita while walking her through (Clardy, 2012). According to Clardy (2012) according to realistic job previews, Mary should have been told about any relevant information regarding the job that she is being offered.
I am sure in Mary’s mind, meeting with each employee individually was a good start. I have had supervisors meet one on one with me
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It is not a good feeling to have someone come in that you have never met, and they have no idea who you are and what you have put into the company. It feels like you are a new employee and nothing you have done in the past will show how much dedication or vision you have that helped the company with where they are. Then pretty soon, one director is gone and everyone you see is new. The last 5 years mean nothing and you are just another employee.
As Clardy (2012) states, there are numerous issues that new managers or supervisors can have when starting a new job. First thing, is that the new manager or supervisor has to learn how the company or division works and operates. Second, is learning about the employees and what they do in their positions. Third, the manager or supervisor has to learn about any issues or problems that are affecting the operations.
I believe there should be a fourth. And that is getting to know the employees. I hate the idea of new supervisors or managers just going about their business and not even acknowledging the employees. I got a new supervisor and being that I work from home, I met her about three months after she became my supervisor. It was over a month before we actually

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