Eth 321 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study Guide

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ETH 321 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study guide Click Link Below To Buy: Or Visit ETH 321 Week 4 Knowledge Check Study guide  1-Identify the true statement about administrative agencies. They are not authorized to perform legislative functions. They are charged with the task of creating regulations that are legally enforceable. They have only judicial and not executive powers. Their functions do not encompass the enforcement of regulations made by Congress 2-Which of these demonstrates the adjudication function of administrative agencies? Granting licenses to industries and professionals Distributing the statutory benefits …show more content…

Trademarks cannot be used in more than one geographic location. Descriptive trademarks cannot get protection. Trademark rights can only be acquired by registering the mark before it is used. Trademark rights can be acquired by being the first to put the mark to use in commerce 12-Which of these can be protected under the Copyright Act? Innovative ideas Processes Scientific principles Recorded

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