Ethan Stamm. Mr. Fradkin. U.S. History Ii/P.6. 3 April

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Ethan Stamm
Mr. Fradkin
U.S. History II/P.6
3 April 2016
The History of the 1936 Olympics It’s 1931, and Germany is in a massive post World War I depression. The unemployment rate is at 70% and millions of Germans are jobless. People have lost hope and faith in their country, and Germany in itself is starting to lose respect worldwide. A glimmer of hope came when Berlin was chosen as the host city for the 1936 summer Olympics. This was two years prior to the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor, and Germany was still under the rule of President Hindenburg. In an attempt to rejuvenate Germany, Hitler vowed that he would give every German citizen what they wanted. As Chancellor, Hitler promises the unsatisfied Germans an improved life
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At this time, Adolf Hitler implemented an "Aryans only" policy, in an attempt to show how the Aryan race was superior to others. Shortly after Adolf Hitler became chancellor, excluding Jews from German sport/recreational facilities had become a common occurrence. Though, the banning of those who weren’t Aryan from the German Olympic team had been internationally criticized as it was considered a violation of the Olympic code of equality. A massive sports complex for the games, a new stadium, and an Olympic village for housing the athletes had been created by the Nazis, with swastikas all across the monuments of Berlin. At this time, there had been separated sports facilities that were nowhere near as nice the Germans’, made specifically for the Jewish athletes. Excluding Jews from German sport/recreational facilities had become a common occurrence after Hitler became chancellor. This was, of course, part of a larger and more sinister plan to obliterate the Jewish population of Germany. Because of this, threats were made to boycott the Games from numerous countries around the world (such as Great Britain, Sweden, France, Czechoslovakia, and the Netherlands). These Boycott threats made the Nazi’s try to hide Germany’s blatant anti-semitism while hosting the Summer Olympics, as the majority of anti-Semitic signs were temporarily removed. Even with knowledge of Germany’s anti-semitism, the U.S. still decided to send its

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