Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics Essay

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Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics

The Olympics, an event where the most physically fit push themselves to the extreme to win against other nations. In 1936, Adolph Hitler and the Nazis held the Olympics in Berlin, Germany. American athletes had a hard time deciding if they should travel to Berlin and take part in the Nazi Olympics. The Berlin Olympics was a personal issue for the American team, which included Jesse Owens. He wasn't sure that he should join the team because of the views that were expressed by the Nazis. Despite this, he had a lot to show the world.
He became a track star in Ohio, during his high school years. His high school track Coach Charlie Riley noticed his running ability when he saw him during a PE class, and …show more content…

Owens and other black Olympians finally decided to go and participate in what was called the "Hitler Olympics." These games were to be held in Nazi Germany. Hitler wanted to prove to the world that the "Aryan" people were the dominant race. So he tried to prove his beliefs in the Olympics, so the whole world could see it for their own eyes.
In the 100-meter dash there were twelve preliminary rounds, which were all to be ran the first day of competition. In order to advance from there the top two runners of each race will go on to the semi-final. Owens's was scheduled to run in the last round, which was good for him because it let him see what he would have to race against if he made it to the finals. Jesse Owens didn't have to worry much about opposing team members very much with his speed.
In the running broad jump, each athlete had three tries to qualify for the event. When Owens took a practice run, judges counted that as his first attempt. On his second try, he stepped over the front edge of the takeoff board. The judges called a foul. He was nervous that he would not make this final attempt. Being a good sport, Luz Long, a blond-haired, blue-eyed German jumper (the typical Aryan race member), came up to Owens and commented on something. Long suggested that Owens place, a back foot marker on the foul line. That way, he would not over run the takeoff board. In the finals, Owens watched Long take his first jump. His jump was the same distance as Owens second

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