Ethical And Ethical Issues Of The Healthcare Professionals

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Nurses and all other health care professionals continue to be confronted with ethical and legal issues in their daily practice. In order to protect the legal and ethical rights of the patient the health care professional must be knowledgeable about ethical principles (Guido, 2014). Ethics involves the principles or assumptions underpinning the way individuals or group ought to conduct themselves; ethics is concerned with motives and attitudes and the relationship of these attitudes to the individual (Guido, 2014). The healthcare professionals should be dedicated to provide competent medical care with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights (AMA, 2015). Ethical principals are developed for the benefit of patient
The video focuses on two patients, an adult patient who had a head injury and a young boy who needs organ transplantation. The decision about the care creates legal and ethical dilemma among the medical professionals. In this video the adult patient has a lower likelihood to survive whereas the boy can live if he receives matching organs from a donor. In order to provide the boy with organs the adult patient attempted to damage his brain by hitting his head against the headrest. He is taken for an emergency surgery but Dr. Bailey interfered the surgery and advised the surgeons to stop.
Ethical Principles In the video the health care team members are challenged with many ethical principles and moral conflict. Autonomy beneficence, nonmaleficence,
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