Ethical And Theological Topics On Human Morality

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Though St. Thomas explored various ethical and theological topics throughout his several works, Thomas’s claims on the role of the conscience in human morality presents some of the most complex and though provoking assertions. Within the Summa Theologica, Thomas not only offers a complete explanation of the human conscience and the critical role it plays within our morality, but has the ability to take the examination one step further by proposing two fundamental questions. First, Thomas addresses the issues that arise when one has an erroneous conscience, and secondly, if a person can be blamed for following their misinformed conscience . Thomas’s response to these two questions hold strong conviction even to the present day, but do allow for some critical counterarguments with respect to the role of human natural law. According to Thomas, the human conscience pertains to the judgement of the rightness or wrongness of action you are thinking about doing or already have done. Our conscience pertains to a wide realm of things we may judge to be morally right or morally wrong . The conscience can be divided into two parts, our general judgements and our concrete judgements. General judgements relate to how humans judge particular things or issues, while concrete judgements relate to a present decision or situation . Many judgements within our conscience are not as black and white as previously stated. In reality, many other factors play an important role within each

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