Ethical Arguments Against Police Brutality

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The movement is fighting against the idea that black people are being denied the right to live free of fear in this country. Fear of being killed or assaulted by law enforcement and then not having their assault viewed as a crime. The movement believes that black people are unfairly targeted by police and demand to be treated fairly. In relation the killings of teenagers Michael Brown and Vonderrick Myers in Ferguson, Missouri; to the suspicious death of activist Sandra Bland in Waller, Texas; to the choke-hold death of Eric Garner in New York, to the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida and 7 year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones in Detroit, Michigan—-#blacklivesmatter has emerged in recent years as a movement committed to resisting,…show more content…
It reported that in May of 2015 there have been occurrences of 385 fatal shootings by police officers in the United States. Narrowing down to two police shootings per day. To include, the same report also indicated that blacks were more likely to be killed three times greater the rate than those of whites or other minorities. Police brutality poses the unethical ideology that this is the approach that should be taken in a “threatening” situation. This is not to generalize all police officers and say that they are all here to kill, but the approaches that have been taken lately by these “guardians of law” have been sought inhumane to the black community and many others. Upon further research I came across an article that highlighted an occurrence of police neglect. A young man by the name of Jamycheal Mitchell, was abused and purposely denied food while held in custody at the Portsmouth Jail in Portsmouth,Virginia. Allegations were stated of repeated physical abuse and neglect which eventually lead up to his death. To conclude, this man was mentally ill and despite the three attempts to look thoroughly into this investigation; it only surfaced for this first time in May of this year. Mr. Mitchell’s family sought for answers and compensation for the emotional distress of this devastating news. In results of Mitchell’s death no employees of the jail or…show more content…
It is more than racism, discrimination, and inferiority. It is how it’s value is weighted amongst society and how we as a people are given the shorter end of the stick. We are reduced and constantly dismantled of our human rights. Are we not deemed equal as we are so falsely told? Or does our worth not reach the bar of acceptance. Notably, according the CDC, in Oklahoma the rate at which black people are killed per capita by law enforcement is greater than anywhere else in the country. This data is collected from the years 1999-2011. A 2012 study in the Criminal Justice Policy Review analyzed the patterns of behavior amongst police, indicating a “small portion of officers are responsible for a large portion of force incidents, and that they differ from officers who use less force often or not at
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