Ethical Dilemma Of The Workplace

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Lodino, Luiz
Sekerka, Leslie
Ethical Dilemma

A. Identify and summarize key problem(s)/ issue(s):

First and foremost Steve, did not consider his job as the best job ever, however he got away with such feeling once he started to create some affinity along his co-workers. Although the other employees were fun, they did not respect the company or management. The environment was loud, laid back in an extreme point where employees did not perform their duty, instead conversations, jokes, music, and all other ways on using their down time, but not cleaning work areas for instance was being done. Unsanitary practices were frequently performed at workplace, so often, Steve could witness. One day working with Julie his coworker, he saw her …show more content…

Obviously, this study does not abbey, or comply with all fast food restaurants, therefore it is an assumption but, I challenge the reader to go to the closest fast food restaurant and have a good look at the employees’ face to quickly agree that this study does expose real life issues. To illustrate the power of this assumption, have 17 real relates from actual and former fast food workers that indisputably, will make the reader reconsider choosing fast food as dinning option, relates such: “I work at McDonalds, and today I open the freezer and found two managers having sex”, or “I work at Subway, and my coworkers use to have sex in the freezer… with the bread… I do not eat there anymore”. (“17 Confessions”)
How in the world would someone violate such thing? Apparently the lack of commitment, and respect, goes beyond dirty greasy meat patties, and loud music therefore, fast food companies to diminish such problems should consider stakeholders such:

● Workplace environment; Employees have great part of the day at work. Having a lighter environment, introducing small competitions with rewards such employee of the week, cleaner station of the day, best customer service of the week, in different affordable prizes, are small ideas that can offer a huge impact in the pit.
● Training, training, and more training. Muscle memory activates the motorization of movements, making faster and more

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