Ethical Dilemmas, Collaborative Work, And Multi Sited Ethnography

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COVER LETTER? Ethical Dilemmas, Collaborative Work, and Multi-sited Ethnography: A reflection on anthropological research in museums I had the opportunity to conduct a collaborative research project designed formulate a better understanding of diverse research methods within Anthropology. My group was made up of four members. We agreed from day one that we would focus our research around museums. We all had our own research we wanted to conduct within museums. We had come up with the question which would overarch all our research focuses, “do museums make people or do the people make museums?” Originally we had come up with four or five areas to focus on and decided on three areas of research; one member focused on how the curators create the space within their area of a museum and how it fits in with the entirety of the museum. Another two members had similar interests and focused on the politics of space with in the museum. My interest was in visitors. I was focused on the reasons and motivations for accessing the space and if the fact the museum was free played into their reason for visiting. I also wanted to find out what their interpretation of the space was and how invited and interested the visitor felt. I did several days of research, however I will focus on three of the most important days. The first day of research was with all four of us and was completed at the British Museum. Second I will focus on the day spent at the National Gallery in London. At the

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