Ethical Dilemmas In Healthcare

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Healthcare professionals face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Dilemmas concerning staffing issues, patient care, to end of life issues. When healthcare workers are faced with ethical challenges their person values, past experiences, rules, and culture influence their decisions. At times, our own values and beliefs may conflict with what the patient wants and we then have to find a way to resolve our own moral values with the duty of the profession.
Ethical Dilemma A man diagnosed with end stage Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and is expected to die within six months. The patient usually dies from suffocation due to the muscles inability to contract. He wants the physician to give him a drug, Morphine, that will ease his respirations …show more content…

The physician would know that to end a life is morally wrong and allow the patient to die naturally from the disease. The advantage of the theory is we make decisions based on duty or rules with no responsibility of the potential consequences. It provides certainty in knowing how to act in every situation based on these duties. The disadvantage is not everyone lives by the same duties or laws. This can cause conflict. People who have different religions, cultures, and or laws wouldn’t recognize the same commands and their ethics would differ. The patient may not believe in the commandment “thou shalt not kill” and placed a higher value on not allowing a human being to suffer. This can lead to negative …show more content…

Decision making requires some flexibility because the moral world is extremely complicated (Bartels, Bauman, Cushman, Pizarro, & McGraw, 2015). People are motivated to follow their moral beliefs in their judgments and choices but context strongly influences which beliefs to bear in a particular situation (Bartels, Bauman, Cushman, Pizarro, & McGraw, 2015). Moral rules represent abstract ideas that must be applied to specific situations (Bartels, Bauman, Cushman, Pizarro, & McGraw, 2015). In regards to the ethical dilemma stated above, all theories would have to be considered and the actions based on the intension. If the physician gives the medication with the intension to relieve pain and the patient dies soon after, the intension was morally right. The physician has virtue, characteristic of compassion by not allow a person to suffer. The physician is not violating any commands, laws, or duties and considering the consequence of his actions. Reliving the patient’s pain and suffering even though doing so may cause a hastened

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