Ethical Dilemmas In The Volkswagen Company

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The German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, knowingly jeopardized their company to cheat emission tests, result producing a cleaner type of diesel. The actions leading to the unethical decisions by German automaker was not the fault of an individual, but rather problems throughout the entire corporation. For a greater understanding of the event that took place within Volkswagen it is best to examine the different divisions of the organization and the individuals’ decision, which was the leading cause in one of the biggest consumer class-action settlements in the United States (Judge approves $15B Volkswagen, 2015). We will look at how the scandal could have been avoided in addition to what measures can be implemented to prevent future unethical scandals.

The Volkswagen Company made numerous unethical decisions resulting in one of the worst corporate scandal in modern times (Where were the lawyers, 2015). Who was involved in the scandal? What were those unethical decisions, and what are the results of immoral decision? To properly examine the scandal it is best to critically analyze the situation based on legal factors. “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them” (James 4:17, New International Version). An illegal program was installed in 11 million Volkswagen vehicles worldwide, which allowed the manipulation of results in pollution tests. Despite knowing this was unethical, Volkswagen knowingly made a

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