Ethical Dilemmas Of A Drug Company 's Regional Sales Manager

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It can be hard to make a decision, especially when an ethical dilemma is involved. Ethical dilemmas pose a challenge because there is good to be found with both choices. The problem arises when one’s personal ethics are challenged. This paper will discuss an ethical dilemma with which a drug company’s regional sales manager was faced. It will discuss: the case and explain the ethical dilemma; the four functions of management; ethical issues; ethical relativism; four values; case resolutions; and Christian values in relation to the case. The Case Tim has worked for ACME Pharmaceutical for 12 years and is currently a regional sales manager. He has been selling a synthetic hormone that treats multiple medical issues including …show more content…

The Four Functions of Management The company has put a lot of managerial effort into introducing this new drug. Managerial effort is referring to the four functions of management which is made up of: planning, organizing, influencing and controlling (Certo & Certo, 2016). The company has spent time planning to introduce a drug that they believe will be an excellent replacement for the old drug. This is because the new drug treats all of the same conditions the old drug treated but without the side effects. They also know that it will expand their customer base because in higher doses it can also be used as an abortion pill. The organizing function can be seen when looking at the way tasks have been assigned (J. Krob, personal communication, September 27, 2016). ACME Pharmaceutical has two parent companies, one in the United States and one in Japan. The Japanese parent company decided they want ACME Pharmaceutical to sell this new drug. Because of Tim’s experience, ACME Pharmaceutical would like him to be the point person to launch the new drug. Tim’s supervisor tried to influence him by telling him that not taking the position could be a career-limited decision. One way the controlling function is used is when the company evaluates finances. By selling this drug, the company’s profits will increase: the drug is more marketable due to its’ multiple uses, ability to be used by different types of

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