Ethical Implications Of Businesses Polluting In A Third World Country

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Running Head: Business Ethics Business Ethics Business Ethics Ethical implications of businesses polluting in a third world country Multinationals are being accused of exploiting the resources and workforce of third world countries. Agricultural businesses take the best lands for harvesting the export crops which lessens the amount of good land that the locals can use for their own food needs. Hazardous chemical industries and drug industries misuse the slack safety laws and cause huge disasters. Developed countries are depleting the natural resources of developing countries. Developing countries have natural resources and developed countries have the technology. They make use of the natural resources of the developing countries while at the same time preserving their own natural resources for future (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2011). Manufacturing and service industries are bringing more and more poverty in third world countries. They hire more and more labors more than their requirement. They pay them very less amount. The above mentioned exploitation in third world countries by multinationals is the result of violating the ethics of business world. Business ethics are to be followed strictly. Earning profit is no doubt the essence of business but doing it at the expense of exploitation is extremely brutal. Now time has changed however, business ethics and corporate social responsibility are becoming crucial. People have been doing protests on a variety of
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