Ethical Issues And Risks Of A Venture

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Ethical Issues and Risks
There are many potential issues that can arise when embarking on a venture such as this. Ethically, there are issues that K8GEO can help address, and other that could be encountered. Gulati (2008) explains two of these as “the social and cultural restrictions imposed on girls and women” in some cultures, and “The complexities of systems and funding compounded by local cultural issues hinder access for less privileged groups”. These are serious issues that must be analyzed and accounted for in each individual case when deciding where to expand the K8GEO program. By properly presenting and implementing these programs, K8GEO will attempt to address issues such as this and drive home the message of equality for all people in regards to education. History has shown that social changes take time, but the goal of K8GEO educational programs can help champion such changes.
Ethical issues that might be encountered can encompass a large area and be hard to forecast. However, within any organization there are basic ethical rules that must be adhered to and situations that must be guarded against. First and foremost, the mission of the company must be adhered to. Any attempt to utilize K8GEO programs for another purpose or personal financial gain would be considered unethical and will need to be addressed immediately. Rhode and Packel (2009) cite a 2009 Brooking Institution study that stated one third of Americans have little to no confidence in charitable
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