Ethical Issues In Sports Essay

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An article by Dortch stated that almost 70 000 coaches and 116 800 officials had discontinued sport in the last five years (Bloomfield, 2003). ‘The declining number of volunteers and sport administrators to support physical activity, recreation and sport’ (Bloomfield, 2003) is a trend highlighted in the text “Australia’s Sporting Success: the inside story” published in 2003 by John Bloomfield. Bloomfield’s text features the implications of trends on the participation in physical activity, recreation and sport including strategies to improve them. This essay will discuss the ethical, moral, and social justice issues developed from the chosen trend and will be explored and applied to the individual motives, external influences, and the financial …show more content…

Generally when economic assessments of volunteers occur, focus is on the cost of replacement for volunteers instead of the economic benefits for the community (Paul Muller, 2015). A study conducted by Volunteering WA and the Institute of Project Management found that the economic contribution of volunteers to the community if $1 was invested, resulted in $4.50 being given back (Paul Muller, 2015). The economic benefits of sports volunteers within our community as a result cannot be overlooked because without them then the community will suffer. Financial concern for volunteers arises from the increase in risk management issues such as lawsuits (Bloomfield, 2003). Parents can file a lawsuit against the volunteer if they believe that they are liable for an incident that occurred involving their child. This raises many issues ethically and morally due to the circumstances that the volunteer might be in, such as they might be the only one coaching the team because no other parents are willing to volunteer and they may have difficulty supervising them. Is it the coach’s fault if an accident occurs or is the other parents fault for not volunteering to help

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