Ethical Issues Of Social Work Practice

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Unit 17:

Topic: Ethical issues in Social Work Practice.

Our everyday interactions are underpinned by ethics. Social work in its sectors deals with people in multiple and complex situations. Social workers largely work with people who are affected by different life aspects such as ethnicity, disabilities and culture. The fundamental concern for social work is to understand how these aspects affect the individuals. Applying normative ethical theory processes of ethical analysis

Virtue ethics concerned with the character of the person, instead of their action. Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas were supporters of this theory. This theory focuses on individual 's disposition as the key factor of ethical reasoning instead of the principles …show more content…

The fundamental concern of this theory relates to the duties, rights, and regards person 's as ends in themselves.

Principlism is a decision-making theory that concentrate on the commonality of "autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice" moral principles. This approach is important when making moral decisions which are institutional, pedagogical and in the society as various systems.

Casuistry (a case-based reasoning) is based on empirical and determination in certain instances based on examples. It works by identifying first aspects of a case and comparing them to reach a reason for behaviour. The frameworks 'Four Principles ' was devised by Beauchamp and Childress is widely used as standard theoretical framework it assess ethical conditions in social work practice. The Four Principles are an extensive indication which gives a substantial space to judge specific cases such as;

Respect for autonomy: involves recognition of one 's ability to make decision and therefore, allows them to make logical choices
Beneficence: this principle contemplates on stabilising of the advantages of therapy over the threats and costs, the actions of the healthcare professional provides a patient centred service
Non-maleficence: The principle that states harm should not be intentionally inflicted, “above all, do no harm,” as stated in the Hippocratic Oath.

Justice: is an idea that stresses on respect, equality and fairness for

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