Ethical Issues Of The Healthcare System

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Abstract The healthcare system is faced with many ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. There are basic principles in health care that every health care worker should practice to ensure safety and to protect the rights of others. This begins with confidentiality. Providing patient privacy and confidentiality are essential to promoting a bond between patients and his or her practitioners as well as preserving the patient’s dignity (Edge & Grove, 2007). Under some circumstances, patient’s personal information is retrieved without their consent. While some may view this as not an issue, others lose trust in the people they look toward to care for them in critical times, and this can lead to legality troubles. What is Confidentiality? “Confidentiality is the ethical principle or legal right that a physician or other health professional will hold secret all information relating to a patient, unless the patient give consent permitting disclosures” (American Heritage Medical Dictionary, 2007). All information about a patient should remain confidential and private. The only health care professionals that should have access to medical records are the ones who are directly working with the patient. Patients develop bonds with health care workers and even put their lives in the hands of strangers, with feelings of hope and trust. When this bond is broken, not only does it directly affect relationships, but also the quality of care. In the event of that taking place, there could be a
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