Ethical Issues With Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Imagine a life where the only thing you ever have known and ever will know is a metal cage, white lab coats, and numerous painful tests. Millions of animals involved in animal testing live out their days, kept in small cages, forced fed chemicals, injected with drugs, and deprived of anything natural and normal. Animal testing is an inhumane process of the past that has no place in the forward thinking society of today. With continued medical breakthroughs and the development of alternatives to animal testing the outdated, cruel, and inaccurate practice should be made obsolete.

In the U.S. alone more than 25 million animals are used in scientific research (Ericson). These animals are literal Guinee pigs, being used to develop new
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Though this process has been around for hundreds of years, it originated in a time when society held different values and had less knowledge about the true inhumanity that is animal testing. Veganism is a new health movement that is quickly gaining popularity. Vegans are animal friendly and are now creating a market for cruelty free products. Due to the rise in people who are living the Vegan life style there is a demand for cosmetics that are made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. In "2015 Nielsen survey revealed that 'not tested on animals' was the most important packaging claim for 57% of shoppers when purchasing beauty products" (Benitez-Eves). The need for animal testing in the cosmetic world has become obsolete. Shoppers are looking for products that are cruelty free and made with natural ingredients from plants, this is lessening the need for the use of chemicals in cosmetics and animal testing. In the area of pharmaceutics, breakthroughs in synthetic organ testing has lead to a phasing out of animal testing. With the knowledge provided today it is unacceptable to let the cruel practice of animal testing to
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