Taking a Look at Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Over 26 million animals are tortured and tested on every year, in the United States alone. Most are used for testing medical treatments, which people for animal testing say has saved countless numbers of lives, but how many has it destroyed in the making? Although testing on animals has lead to major scientific breakthroughs, the way in which they reach them is incredibly inhumane. We having the ability, should try our best to stop this wide spread animal testing because the tests are inhumane, the animals are abused during the tests, and the results can be achieved in other ways. There are several different tests that are used every year on innocent animals in the United States. One of the first and worsts tests was the Draize eye test. During this test scientists drop an often toxic substance into one eye of a rabbit leaving the other one as a constant to track the results. These rabbits often suffer from severe redness, irritation, bleeding ulcers, some even permanent blindness. Another test much like the Draize eye test is the skin corosivety and irritation test. It is much like the eye test in the way it tests patches of shaven rabbit skin. During this test rabbits are forcibly held in one position while scientists put a potentially harmful substance on a shaven patch of the rabbit. Another shaved patch is kept as a constant to analyze the results. These rabbits often get the same reward as those in the eye tests, irritation, bleeding ulcers, and

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