Ethical Issues with Artificial Intelligence

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During the past two hundred years, scientist have made numerous achievements not thought of in previous centuries. There is a questions that some people have begun to ask “Will science ever advance to far?” Some believe this is the case with artificial intelligence or AI, which is the theory or goal of a series of accomplishments that would allow a computer to house a sentient life form. The idea of AI has formally been around since around 1956. There has been very slow but steady progress towards a working AI. Most scientists believe that there will be AI within twenty to fifty years. Since this is a very controversial topic with its advantages and disadvantages lets analyze these and examine the ethical implications of developing…show more content…
In addition, artificial intelligences could be given a complex ethical issue and analyze it from every angle and give us answers to age old questions that we commonly go back and forth discussing. There has already been many great feats accomplished on the road to creating artificial intelligence such as: advanced spam filters that block ninety percent of spam emails, self-driving cars in states where they are allowed, and performing complex simulations that have allowed scientist to better understand various natural phenomena they study. Thus developing an artificial intelligence promises things like; the end of poverty, greatly reducing the need for people to work, and delivering supreme efficiency to all processes. Secondly, there are some disadvantages of artificial intelligences. The first disadvantage is that by artificial intelligence being an electrical based technology makes it very vulnerable to phenomena such as flooding, power grid failures, earthquakes, communication failures, and solar storms to name a few. These make becoming dependent on artificial intelligence very bad because, if they were to fail an insane amount of things can go wrong. For instance, imagine if a solar storm like the Carrington Event in 1859 were to happen again it would disrupt everything the AI managed causing many failures and damage far beyond the actual damage of the event. The second disadvantage of artificial intelligence is their
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