Ethical Issues with Sweatshops

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Ethical issues regarding Sweatshops Michelle Rice Business Ethics Jacqueline Newkirk Remember when you were at the mall the last time and saw a pair of Nike shoes that you just couldn’t live without? You had to buy them, for a pricey cost, and just loved them, right? We all have owned a pair or two of Nike shoes in our life. They were the “cool” shoes to have back when I was in school. The thing that we may not have known is that Nike has been using “children as young as fifteen years old” (Jennings, 2012) as employees to make these shoes. In the following report I am going to go over some major ethical issues regarding using underage children and women in foreign countries for labor. I will tell about what the conditions that these…show more content…
I think that it is important that these countries continue to grow and prosper to get as close to the conditions that we live in here in the United States. There is no way that this can happen if we are not sending their children to school. They will have no way to know what to do to run a successful business, only to work nonstop in them. How are they ever going to learn the necessities this
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