Ethical Principles Of Business Ethics

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Ethics is the branch of philosophy that focuses on morality and the way in which moral principles are applied to everyday life. It involves an active process of applying values, which may range from religious principles to customs and traditions. Business ethics focuses on the good or wrong behavior in the world of business, all companies have a responsibility to apply moral and ethical principles to the marketplace and workplace. Also business people have a responsibility to the public and themselves to maintain ethical principles.
It is important to study business ethics because is the form in which we integrate essential values such as honesty, trust, respect and fairness in our policies and practices as well as in decision-making at all levels. It is important to grow the business in harmony, and making people feel comfortable. Good ethical practice is also important for a Company when they make their deciscions, because it maximizes profit and reflects good corporate citizenship.
The Relationship between Law and Ethics is its Compliance with the law is not always enough to determine the "correct" behavior. The laws are broad in scope and purpose, they are the expression of the ethical beliefs of our society and prohibit or require certain actions to avoid significant harm to society.
In the section about Business ethics and social media, The author explains how now days in order to aquire a job the employer searches Facebook, blogs and twitter to…
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