Ethical Readings: The Case Of The Collapsed Mine

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Ethical Readings: A Synthesis With ethics providing the backdrop for our conduct, on every level from individual to global, studying them is an indispensable way to analyze our behaviors and evaluate our decision making criteria. Different ethical approaches give us perspectives we may not consider from our individual default point of view, while affording us the opportunity to look for shifts in mindsets, attitudes, and values over time, allowing us to see our progress as a society. Additionally, we’re able to compare and contrast our own governing principles against those of others around us, showing us where we fit in our society, as well as measuring how well we’re meeting our self imposed standards. I’ve spent the past few weeks evaluating several essays on ethics as they relate to fields including medicine, sports, and economics, as well as …show more content…

I found the multidimensional structure of DeGeorge’s “The Case of the Collapsed Mine” particularly interesting because there were so many dilemmas to evaluate. While analyzing it with my peers, it was common to find a consensus on one aspect, only to have it raise questions on another. On the other hand, Bernard Williams uses “Jim and the Indians” as an argument against the Utilitarian Approach (276), however, most of the people I discussed it with defaulted to that very approach. Finally, Hardin’s position in “Lifeboat Economics: The Case Against Helping the Poor” intrigues me, as I personally find his mindset unethical. It really highlights the different ways of seeing the same issue and how important it is to work together so we do not mire ourselves in our own outlook when attempt to solve real world dilemmas such as the one he

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