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Ethical 1
Is it ethical for a manufacturing company that wishes not to be identified as the sponsor of a mail survey to invent the name of a fictitious research company and print the name on the letterhead paper used for the survey?
I do not think it is ethical for a manufacturing company to invent a fictitious research company. I think 3 things that are not good can come from it. The first thing is the manufacturing company might not have the expertise in surveys. Second is there a point to the survey or to test loyalties. Third is the amount of distrust that comes from creating a fictitious company. If distributors ever learn about this then there can be major problems with trust and relationships.
When thinking about creating a
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The brother-in-law mentioned that his company had recently begun programming background music into the data-entry workers™ room with the result that productivity had increased and the number of errors had decreased. Kessler thought that music within a grocery store might have an impact on customers. Specifically, he thought that customers might stay in the store longer if slow, easy-to-listen-to music were played. After some serious thought, he started thinking that he should hire a business researcher to design an experiment for testing the influence of music tempo on shopper behavior.

Independent variables are expected to determine the outcomes of interest. Dependent variables are the outcomes interest to the researcher and the decision makers. (Zikmund, Babin, Carr, & Griffin, 2010).
The dependent variable refers to the status of the 'effect '(or outcome) in which the researcher is interested; the independent variable refers to the status of the presumed 'cause, ' changes in which lead to changes in the status of the dependent variable…any event or condition can be conceptualized as either an independent or a dependent variable. (Rosenthal & Rosnow, 1991).
Because the independent variable is the influence of music tempo.
The Dependent variables are:
-Mood of shoppers
-Increased Sales

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