Ethical Violations In Jane Doe: Case Study

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EBP Name Institution EBP The paper seeks to explore the ethical violations of Elizabeth Loftus in Jane Doe Case that involved the publication of two skeptical articles titled “Who abused Jane Doe? These articles unearth the actual identity of the child sexually abused in the videotaped by David Corwin in his article the Child Maltreatment Issue (Strange, Clifasefi, & Garry, 2006). Elizabeth being a medical psychologist researcher who works in close cooperation with the University of Washington together with Guyer a secret investigator to determine real identity of the child and it happens to be Jane Doe. Elizabeth research publication had no authorization from the Institutional Review Board from the University of Washington and …show more content…

First, privacy policy which requires medical psychologists to conceal all the data and information gathered in the course of their research (Putnam, 2014). In this case, it is apparently clear that she disclosure the information without prior consent of the David and Jane Doe. Second, Elizabeth breached the principle of dual relationship and finally, the principle of informed consent. Duplication of earlier researchers’ works and negligence on Elizabeth to expose the truth caused ethical breaches. In this case, minimizing or avoiding ethical issues required Elizabeth and Guyer ought to have done peer review on the initial research done by David Corwin (Putnam, 2014). Secondly, Elizabeth ought to have used dummy data or information to avoiding disclosing the real identity of Jane Doe. Conducting research on sensitive issues requires the research to take into consideration practical security techniques such as encrypting the already gathered information and data to avoid any leakage of the same (Mullen et al., 2016). Also, adhere to the state laws and regulations guiding the topic under research and finally, discuss in detail with the participants the confines of confidentiality of information and data gathered in the course of the

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