Ethics And Public Service

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the reality in most cases. Conversely, however it is also important to realize that most individuals do not seek employment for purely selfish reasons. The fact is that the truth, as with most things, lies somewhere in the middle. Public employees come from all segments of our society and bring sets of values, which may be quite divergent from those of the organization. Further, the workplace is often fraught with ethical dilemmas, which can threaten our adherence to our espoused ethical ideologies. Each one of us will encounter situations in life that will challenge our ethics and therefore, one needs to have a self-awareness of our ethics, beliefs and values. It is for reasons such as this that the organizations values must be inculcated all employees especially those in leadership positions.
Focusing on the education of leaders in the fundamental competencies of ethics and public service will build the base for a strong ethical climate within the department. Further, this will assist the department in achieving the Secretary’s goal of indoctrinating DVA ethics throughout the organization. Therefore, it is my recommendation that the department, as part of a professional leadership development curriculum, design a comprehensive ethics course, which will provide a basis for future and advanced courses in ethics to build. Finally, concerning fundamental competencies is the introduction of the process or concept of lifelong learning. Critical to any successful

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