Ethics And The Field Of Engineering

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Scholars and practitioners in the field of engineering identified as depicting high level interest in the question, ‘Do professional duties of an engineer go beyond conscientiously and effectively carrying out the instructions of their employer? If so, why and how? If not, why not? The general relevance of the question is identified in terms of ethics playing role in the field of engineering. In general terms, it deals with the nature and impact of the engineering technology on society. The researchers and scholars have attempted exploring the ethical implication of the engineers work therefore coined the fact whether engineers are responsible for executing only assigned tasks or it is widened in any terms.
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1) Social contract theory
The basic notion of the theory is the assertion that profession is a perfect example of social practice with one or more aims of goods. It is having distinctive characteristic of moral good and conducting only morally permissible tasks. A professional always involves public element through emphasising the fact it must serve some morally and ethically praiseworthy goal. These goals may vary from profession to profession as physicians are obliged to cure the sick and comfort normal lives of people.
In detailed terms, morally praiseworthy goal here means that goals should be acceptable and endurable to society in some means or other. For example, doctors’ must pursue the goal of health rather than merely recovering the disease. In this token, ethical standard in a profession mandates professionals to think and act beyond what is specified in terms of duties and responsibilities (Govindarajan, Natarajan & Senthilkumar, 2013). As per the social contract model, there are strong arguments stating that characteristics of professionalism is necessary to be present for protecting and serving the public in improved manner or depicting genuine concern for the public good.
It also seems reasonable approach for adopting and implementing and an acceptable definition of profession as well. There is sufficient empirical basis in support of social practice approach in

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