Ethics At Work : Creating Virtue At An American Corporation

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Ethics in the Lockheed Martin Corporation didn’t always have the message it has today. As I read through the book, Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation, specifically chapter two, I came across some very interesting issues this corporation has had to deal with over the past few decades that go back to the 1920’s and earlier. In the following I’ll go over a few points that led to the development of Lockheed Martine’s current ethics program. Ill cover some ethics issues that were overcame on the way to a great ethics program. First let’s talk about the beginnings that started the Lockheed Martin Corporation so you can get an idea of the foundation of the company itself. The Loughead Brothers developed their first aircraft in 1913. They successfully flew this aircraft over Alcatraz at a top speed of 63 mph. Their first military aircraft was developed a little too late for deployment in the First World War. That untimely event sent one of the brothers, Malcom Loughead to venture out away from the aircraft industry and left the other brother to go at it alone. So in a since that was the first time this company faced its first major obstacle on the way up the aircraft industry ladder. Over the years, Lockheed was bought and sold and eventually landed with Robert Gross after he purchased it for $40,000 in 1932. Over the next three decades he turned Lockheed into a leader in the aircraft industry. In that time Lockheed experience some great strides in

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