Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

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“Ethics is about how we meet the challenge of doing the right thing when that will cost more than what we want to pay.” (The Josephson Institute of Ethics) When I think about everything that I have learned within the Business Ethics class, I think of one topic – Understanding Ethics. This teaches you many things like what ethics is, how to understand right and wrong, ethical reasoning and much more. “The field of ethics is the study of how we try to live our lives according to a standard of “right” or “wrong” behavior–in both how we think and behave toward others and how we would like them to think and behave towards us.” (Business Ethics Now, Ghillyer, 4) Some people consider ethics to be a conscious choice to follow a set of moral standards or ethical principles that supply direction on how they should perform in their daily lives; others, however, look to the behavior of others to decide what is an acceptable standard of right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Many factors including how they were raised, their religion, and the transitions and beliefs of their society drive their definition of the right or wrong. Judgments are made about good or bad behavior by moral standards, which are principles based on religious, cultural, or philosophical beliefs. These beliefs can come from many different sources such as family, friends, ethnic background, religion, school, the media–television, radio, newspapers magazines, the Internet, and personal role models and mentors.

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