Ethics In Counselling

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Counselling covers a wide range of areas and environments firstly there is using counselling skills in environments like the military to have a discipline based discussion or environments like career counselling and debt counselling. Then there is a more complex area like using counselling skills in teaching, health care i.e nurses / doctors / midwives and social workers.
All these areas and environments where counselling skills is used, will have a governing body or association that sets out a framework for a code of ethics and a code of practice for their employees to follow and abide by, for example nurses and midwives follow the NMC code of ethics and code of practice, so their patients are receiving the best care possible. All the areas I have listed above use
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Counsellors, therapist, life coaches will all follow and abide by a code of ethics and a code of practice that is put in place by the main counselling bodies like the counselling national occupational standers (NOS) or the British association for counselling and psychotherapy (BACP).
The reason behind associations or bodies setting out a framework of code of ethics and a code of practice for their employees to follow, is so that not only do patients, clients, students receive the best care possible, but also for reporting duties for example if a counsellor thought their client was in any danger either from others or a danger to themselves or other people, then the counsellor would have an ethical duty to report it to the correct sources for example police, social services. Another reason is so that any client, patient, student making a claim against a counsellor, nurse, teacher
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