Ethics Is A Very Important Aspect Of Any Business Or Person

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Ethics is a very important aspect of any business or person on this earth. Ethical social responsibility is the responsibility that one has to act in a certain way that benefits society as a whole in some way. You must always act in a way that benefits society instead of thinking about yourself. To me, economic responsibility is the responsibility that one has to act in a certain way in order for a profitable society for all. There are similarities and differences between these two types of responsibility. I believe that there is some kind of overlap with the two. It could very well be a social responsibility to act economically responsible to society and vice versa. There are also times when acting socially responsible can have a negative…show more content…
My values mission statement: My duty as an individual is to embrace my responsibilities courageously as a man, a son, a brother, and as a friend with courage, honesty and respect.
In the article, Creating an Ethical Culture (2006), there were instances where unethical behavior was tolerated or even encouraged. There were instances when the pressure to do what the boss told you to do was so heavy that the employee thought they had no choice but to comply. I thought this article was very interesting based on how many businesses tend to have compliance programs rather than building their work culture to be respectable. Many of the employees who received judicial consequences were not terrible people; they just made the wrong decision and could not stop. The values that the employees believed in became skewed by greed or by pressure, which lead to jail time.
FIFA recently has been the talk about major corruption allegations. The president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, was also one of the officials accused of corruption, racketeering, and corruption. Allegations of payments and under-the-table agreements were up to more than 150 million for media and marketing rights to tournaments. Igel (2015) states that the corrupt practices have been going on as early as the 1990s. Blatter has been president the entire time and has done nothing to stop the unethical behavior. FIFA is one of the biggest organizations in sports and to know that the most popular sport in
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