Ethics: Maturity Derives From Experience

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Ethics: Maturity Derives From Experience "Ethics" by Linda Pastan: a poem about one's opinion of right or wrong developing throughout life. Experience presents growth, one's opinion on situations change throughout time. In reading this poem the reader makes their own decision for this ethical dilemma and their response depends on personal experience. Knowing right from wrong exists not simply just from age but from knowledge. Minds develop at a different pace for different individuals, an adolescent occasionally possesses the ability to understand right or wrong over an adult. It depends on who a person learns from or what situations they encounter and on their personal mindset.
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A variety of people never grow in such ways, they care more about materialistic things than their own life. Experiences of the old woman and the painting prove the most important part to consider in this poem. This article explains how the writer discovers what stands most important in life: “…It is not unusual for a mystical experience to impart a sense of unity where once there was division. Thus, what the poet knows, with a knowledge greater than either her senses or reason can provide, is that there is "almost" oneness among "woman / and painting and season." This mysterious unity makes rescue or salvation almost irrelevant. Even so, that subtle word "almost" keeps such knowledge away from any easy absolute, even that of "oneness." Neither woman nor painting nor season loses the force of their particular existence, to which the poet, through language, must be responsible. Therein lies the "ethics" of the poem ("Overview: 'Ethics'." Poetry for Students, edited by Mary Ruby and Ira Mark). So therefore when the reader discovers that experience stands the most important aspect when deciphering between saving the woman or the painting. The woman endured multiple experiences because she lived life, the painting gives different people numerous

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