Ethics Reflection Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper

September 30, 2012

Ethics Reflection Paper Social responsibility and ethics are essential elements in establishing a strategic plan while contemplating the needs of stakeholders. Social responsibility and ethics should be conceived as fundamental strategic concerns within organizations. Social responsibility and ethics have the potentiality to help an organization succeed or fall. The achievement of an organization’s strategic plan relies on it. This paper will examine roles of social responsibility and ethics in establishing a strategic plan while contemplating stakeholder needs. Last, this paper will …show more content…

By doing so, the implications become an integral part of the organization’s scope. It is necessary for all organizations to integrate ethics into its strategic planning process to represent its core values to internal and external parties in a positive manner; this will assist in strengthening the organization’s image (Jin & Drozdenko, 2010). As a result, the majority of stakeholders will have the assurance that the strategic plan serves their requirements and better interests.
Social Responsibility in Organizations Social responsibility is another integral component of a strategic plan. It is essential to integrate corporate social responsibility within the daily operations of an organization. By doing so, it helps ensure that the organization is moving toward the constant development and better interest for the public by attempting to reduce any potential negative impacts of its operations. As such, corporate social responsibility is an integral method of gaining a competitive advantage through the enhancement of its corporate image through the perspective of the stakeholders and the public. Knowing this, more and more organizations are allocating additional resources in an attempt to strengthen their commitment to society. This is commonly demonstrated in the reduction of environmental pollution or assisting in providing financial resources for various social causes (Min-Dong Paul, 2009). When an organization focuses on social responsibility

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