Ethics, Trust, And Management

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the stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees, etc. If they know there is a problem with a product their priority is the safety and consideration of the stakeholders and the effect on their bottom line second. Modine holds their company and their employees to the highest of standards. It is by using these values as guide that has allowed Modine to not only exist but become part of the communities in which their plants are located. Through selflessness the company is able to put the customer first, with all focus on their needs they are able to understand what the customer needs and their motives for that desire. When practiced amongst the employees this puts focus on teamwork, collaboration, trust and empathy resulting in form ethical decisions and actions. Integrity is exhibited through their honest, transparent actions and words even when it is hard to admit. They take responsibility for their actions and own up to the situation they have created be it good or bad. The same behaviors are exhibited by the employees, they work work hard and they work right. The employees work tirelessly on development for both the company and the people. The need for continuous improvement drives them to continuously be improving the products they deliver. In order for this to work employees must be honest about their strengths and weaknesses. In doing this they can become better employees and help others become better. Without accountability the company is nothing Modine deliver on
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