International Association Of Administrative Professionals

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International Association of Administrative Professionals I chose the International Association of Administration Professional (IAAP) my organization since it has a variety of opportunities for employment in an administrative career. I plan to start my career as a financial officer in automobile sales. It was impressive to know that there is an organization for professionals in administrative positions. My field of study is, Business Management, and Finance prepares students for a variety of management and financial positions or gives current management a competitive edge over their competitors as well as prepares them When I graduate, IAAP is an appropriate organization for my field of study. IAAP created the Code of Professional Conduct …show more content…

As for integrity, management should be honest and show good faith, and be accountable for their actions. A lower level employee tends to follow upper management lead such as, employees manage to follow their supervisors lead, such as not reporting immoral behavior of others. This kind of unethical behavior may tempt others to act the same way. Companies need to establish realistic objectives for their workers that they can accomplish without being deceitful. They need to show all individual respect and with no bias toward one 's religion, race, age, or disability. 2. Transparency: Administrative professionals need to take the time to listen and understand so they can give a proper response or feedback to their members or other interested parties. Those who demonstrate transparency by being more coherent, will understand what is being conveyed to them. Because of this, they can give back a more precise answer concern. In giving an individual your full attention, this will help you fully understand the situation at hand. Therefore, you will be able to give more accurate professional feedback, good or bad, while at the same time show respect to the person or group that is talking to you. When negotiating projects with stakeholders or other employees, you should always give full information do not leave anything out. All professionals should follow a code of ethic and conduct,

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