Ethics in Education

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“Ethics in Education”
Learning Team B
Dr. Athalene Mc Nay

I. What is ethics?
A. A definition of ethics.
B. How are ethics used in education?
II. Integrity is part of ethics in education.
A. A definition of integrity.
B. Trust relationship is essential in ethics in education.
C. Academic integrity is a mutual responsibility.
D. There is cheating and academic responsibility within the education system.
E. Phony schools, diploma mills and false credentials are a breach of integrity.
F. Integrity is important with citizenship, gratitude, fairness and courage.
III. Self-confidence is a huge factor in ethics in education.
A. A definition of self-confidence.
B. There are three pillars of self-confidence. …show more content…

Personalized learning and differentiated instruction can make or break the class with their attitude. A student needs to have self-respect for the educational achievement. Self-discipline is a very important part of education. Self-discipline is “correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement”. Self-discipline is the hardest thing to achieve in education. Instead of going out with your friends, you must decide if you need to study.

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