Ethnicity Is A Common National Or Traditional Tradition

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Ethnicity is belonging to a social group that has a common national or traditional tradition. Membership to an ethnicity is ultimately self defined, rather than given to us by society. It is common to confuse race and ethnicity. Ethnicity is about tradition, learned behaviors, and customs. Race is based on biology. Our skin color, skin tone, hair, and eye color determines race. Although we are considered to be a part of a particular race, we can pick and choose what ethnicity we would like to embrace through assimilation. Recently I have been working with a client who is Native American, and her ethnicity is reflected through her lifestyle. Here I will break down the ethnicity in order to gain a better understanding of where she comes from. Native Americans, also called American Indians, were the first to have discovered and lived in America. The descendants of Native Americans explored mostly along the west coast of North American. The most common explanation of Native American immigration suggests that the first Native Americans came from Asia to North America. Many Native Americans died of disease or were pushed out of their ancestral lands. The tribes of Native Americans have reservation all throughout the United States. There are tribes in Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Washington, and more. Today Native Americans only account for 1.4% of the United States population, and most live on designated reserves.
As in many ethnicities, the family situations vary. Studies show

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