Eugene Robert Black Loved his Work as the President of World Bank

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Introduction: Eugene Robert Black was a successful Economist in the 19th century. He was the Third President of the World Bank, the work he did throughout his life shaped the way the World Bank works today. He was a very work oriented man and strived to get better. He really cared about his work it wasn’t just about money to him.
Biographical Information: Eugene Robert Black was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1898.He was born into a wealthy family, his father was a lawyer and banker, later on became Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. His mother was the daughter of Henry Woodfin Grady, a famous journalist, orator and spokesperson for the New South. He attended University of Georgia; he majored in Latin and graduated in 1918. The same year in June 1918 he married Elizabeth Blalock; they had two children within their marriage. After graduating he enlisted in the U.S Navy where he served on convoy duty in the North Atlantic during World War I. After his return he joined the investment firm of Harris, Forbes & Co., He later opened the first southern office of the firm in Atlanta. He traveled a lot selling bonds, having meeting with investors, and bankers. Because of all the work he had put in he eventually became a partner of the firm. Eugene’s wife passed away April, 2nd 1928, he remarried to in 1930 to Susette Heath they had one son within their marriage. Eugene Joined Chase National Bank as assistant vice president in 1933. Eugene moved from the Atlanta

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