Eugenics : Past Shames, Future Hopes

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Joni Rose Antelope Valley College
Past Shames, Future Hopes
MY PICK After perusing the suggested articles, I decided on this article for my journal review because of the many facets of its colorful history in addition to its fascinating, and vastly growing, advancements in the area of eugenics. The imminent debates resulting from the conflicting moral and ethical implications arising from the inception, development and evolution of eugenics past and present are of interest.
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Eugenics Then and Now: Constitutional Limits on the Use of Reproductive Screening Technologies.
This article title reflects information on the past history of eugenics along with some of its current uses and advancements; both restricted and unrestricted are briefly reviewed. Moral, Ethical, Civil and Constitutional debates regarding the topic, along with a broad spectrum variety of court cases are pointedly addressed offering a nice concentrated overview on the topic of eugenics.
The article does not reflect much information on any unforeseen or undesired projected population changes as a result of eugenics. Empirically, future scientific end results, moving forward, especially as a result of A.R.T., do not seem to be as thoroughly addressed as to evident and possible outcomes for our future generations and world population.
The author’s most vivid main point, perceptually, is one of caution due, empirically, to past mortifying and inhumane historical events.
I believe the view held by the author is one of unmistakable unbiased caution. In reading this article, the author, Hannah Lou, points out that although Sir Francis Galton, whose work was inspired by Charles Darwin, believed that, "the key to human progress would rest on a national program of better breeding . . . The chronic poor, the insane and feebleminded, and the ‘criminal
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