Europe 's Influence On Western Europe

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“Western Europe” is a term that was used to describe a region where many countries, such as Britain, France and Germany, which joined after World Wars, shared the same history. In another perspective, it was also sometimes referring to a region where countries shared the same value: capitalism and democracy. Throughout the history, because of difference events, the position of Western Europe in the world has also changed. Before 1914, due to the rapid development of the Enlightenment ideas and the industrialization in Britain and France, the world major powers centrally seated in Western Europe. However, as the Western European countries suffered huge losses from two World Wars, Western Europe has actually steadily marched East since the Great War. Moreover, as many new immigrants from the former colonized regions joined Western European countries, Western Europe also gained its economic and political cohesion as most countries became part of NATO and then the European Union. In the present days, while the idea of Western Europe has expanded to more countries, it became dominant in its continent and could be considered as a “savior” to many other nations.
Prior to the 1914, many of the world great powers, such as Britain and France were centrally seated in Western Europe. In the 18th century, Britain and France soon developed rapidly due to the birth of the Enlightenment idea, which challenged the tradition and put more emphasis on the reasons (Hunt et al. 577). As a

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