The Rise Of The Gunpowder Empires

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The rise of the west was a time in which European nations became more advanced and had an increase of power and dominance. Europe became a dominant nation in the 16th Century while two large Gunpowder empires began to decline. These European nations dominated because they had technological advancements. Some of which were gunpowder, cannons, and much more. Both the Ottoman and the Ming Empires rose to the top and then declined after the European nations began to advance. The European Miracle was when the European nations began to advance in technology, they expanded, and dominated the world. China was a very advanced civilization during the 16th Century and rose to power. They had large libraries, conducted trade by using a series of canals. They also had large cities and used paper money for trade. The Chinese invented the gunpowder and the magnetic compass. They had a very large navy with over 2,000 vessels in all sizes and they conducted overseas expeditions. After the last Chinese expedition, there was an imperial edict that banned the construction of ships with more than two masts. Warships were put away and not maintained. The navy was too costly and the Chinese wanted to spend their money defending their Northern frontiers from the Mongols. This did not require a large navy. Paul Kennedy stated “that in this Restoration atmosphere, the all important officialdom was concerned to preserve and recapture the past, not to create a brighter
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