European Imperialism In Africa Essay

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Imperialism in Africa occurred in the late 1800s due to Europeans wanting to expand to West and Central Africa. Even till this day one can see the damaging effect on the economy. Imperialism is a policy in which a strong nation is to dominate other countries politically, economically, and socially. During European Imperialism , European nations look to Africa as a source of raw materials and market for industrial products. Europeans were able to take over majority of the African colonies because there were more advanced as a civilization and had technology to help navigate their way through Africa. For example, the electric telegraph (for communicating over long distance), and quinine from cinchona tree bark ( a treatment for malaria). Before…show more content…
This all changed in the late 1800s when Europeans started to explore the interior of Africa and found a numerous amount of useful raw materials. Upon this discovery, European nations soon started to compete for African colonies and their handy raw materials. According to Document B, seven European colonies divided and held African colonies by 1914. The goal of these European nation was to claim as much land as possible,feeding into their national pride and growth as a colony.This means that European Colonies divided Africa into parts and claimed whatever lied within these boundaries. Dividing African Colonies was an example of competition because overall European Colonies wanted to claim as much as possible so they can benefit the most.Along with the division of lands and properties, came their natural resources and industrial use. In Document D, the chart shows selected African colonies and their natural resources in that region, displaying their industrial/economic use (what they can make). Document D can be used to support that competition is the main driving force behind the European Imperialism because European colonies would want to have an African colonies that produced the most resources in order to make the most product. Once again, Imperialism was the conquering of
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