Evaluating A Personality Testing For Learning

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Reports should be succinct as possible. This way the reader can gain the information needed to make a decision or ask the right questions to make a decision without getting bogged down and bored, possibly not reading the entire report. Executive Summary Our school is a new and innovative way to reach students. It also needs innovative and tech savvy teachers. Due to the nature of virtual schools, we can hire from a much larger potential pool and we have need of a much larger teacher pool. However, we need a more streamlined and standardized process that does not disengage from potential new hires and makes use of both on site and online application and hiring processes. We first are considering the potentially customized personality testing for learning if teachers are up to the challenge of our methods and our students. We also intend to use this to test the ability of potential hires to use technology. We then wish to bring potential hires in for group assessment and some basic training to see if they meet the needs of the school and the school meets their needs. Finally, using the same type of set up, we continue with another on site meeting with new hires with contracts to train them in the technology and methods we use. We see these as the best way to keep potential hires engaged while meeting the criteria and demands of an online, virtual school. Introduction As a director of human resources, one has to not only hire the best people to do the work, but also to set up

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