Evaluating Key Issues With Our Country, The United States Of America

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Evaluating Key Issues with Our Country, the United States of America
The United States of America, if you 're are reading this then you were probably raised in this country. Now, you may or may not be patriotic, but you must realize that our country is a strong, sturdy country. While we have our ups and downs, we still stay strong and prevail. Whether it be surviving and countering terrorism, or fighting against a corrupt version of communism, we are still here alive and well. Today I 'm going to bring you along and show you my opinions of the United States, including what we 've done wrong, what we can improve, and what we 've done right. I believe that this essay has no intention to sway your already preset opinion on these controversial …show more content…

Wealth inequality is the most important flaw. Wealth inequality describes how wealth is distributed to the rich and poor very unfairly, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. One other thing is that a lot of unemployment strikes that hit the U.S. are caused by an economic collapse within multiple businesses at a time. These times of unemployment can ruin and destroy the people 's lives just because a few businesses fell through. Now yes, there are some bad sides of capitalism, but in order for this to be fair, I have to show you the other side, the good side of capitalism. One good thing about capitalism is economic growth, this is another way to say the ability to gain more money. This can be achieved through the means of putting in more effort. This gives citizens the ideology that they can become wealthy if they put their mind to it. There’s free trade, which allows the people to have the incentive to export goods for a free trade doesn’t have tariffs, quotas, or other restrictions. Now for our free market, a free market is where a government doesn’t intervene. This allows businesses to develop naturally. After all my research and experience with this topic, my opinion is that the bad outweighs the good, and eventually, i do believe we will have to update this old system, and find a new one. Education is now a stressing issue in our country. Education is the foundation of the next

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