Evaluating Remedial / Developmental Education Essay

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Colleges have been changing how they approach education dramatically over the last decade. For many years, the common perception of how colleges were preparing students involved, teachers providing lectures, students doing various homework assignments and then being evaluated. Students either passed or failed. How much time and effort individuals put into their studies became the only way colleges measured student success outcomes. Often, colleges did not find themselves bearing the burden of responsibility for poor student outcome statistics. In recent years, the responsibility for student success has begun to fall more heavily on the schools. As the shift in responsibility switched, colleges have challenged themselves with redefining how they approach educating students. According to Grubb and Associates’ article, From Black Box to Pandora’s Box. Evaluating Remedial/Developmental Education, “Accepting this responsibility means identifying and then correcting the many possible reasons for non-completion or failure to learn- in short, providing remedial/developmental education, tutoring, counseling, and other forms of student services” (4). Within college education, there are two main types of schools. Students either enroll in a four-year university or a two-year community college. Where they are able to gain acceptance, often, depends on their level of preparedness. Two- year colleges have less demanding admission requirements. Christopher Shults article,
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