Evaluating The Condition Of Journalism Essay

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5.1 Introduction
The main purpose of this chapter is to describe how the research is methodically done based on theoretical foundation. It is also to scrutinise the continuity between research methods with the research objective, that is to define the condition of journalism in Indonesia in connection with the new culture of curation journalism practice.
As I will discuss more later in this chapter, this study is designed as a qualitative study conducted under constructivism paradigm. This paradigm was taken because the assumptions in the study on the use of social media by journalists are seen with the standpoint of the technology as part of a cultural practice, constructed in the society. In accordance with this paradigm, this study sought to uncover how the Indonesian journalists, especially those who work in online media, construct the meaning of the social media existence in their work and the use of social media contents as news materials. The construction revealed in this study is expected to answer the enquiry about the actual implementation of curation journalism in Indonesia, which makes it differ from the practice in other mass media in the world.
This research was conducted towards three online media as the subjects, which are popular in Indonesia and each of them is run under a group of convergent media. They are, and Based on pre-research observations, they are in the top online media that are widely accessible to the public.

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