Evaluating The Economic Impacts Of Pipeline Useage On The Texas

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EVALUATING THE ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF PIPELINE USEAGE ON THE TEXAS OIL & GAS SUPPLY CHAIN By JASHANDEEP SINGH Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of The University of Texas at Arlington in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements For the Degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON August 2015 Copyright © by Jashandeep Singh 2015 All Rights Reserved Acknowledgements This thesis dissertation is a milestone of my academic career. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisor Prof. Erick. C. Jones for his support for my MS thesis, for his immense knowledge, patience and motivation. I would also like to thank the members of the thesis committee ………… for their encouragement, comments and their…show more content…
In order to meet the objective, specific objectives were put down to evaluate their impacts. First was to evaluate the economic impact of mode of transport and the infrastructure second was to evaluate the economic impact of refinery sustainability. Finally this dissertation aims at the mixed – integer programming model to demonstrate the economic impacts on the supply chain. Table of Contents Acknowledgement Abstract Acknowledgements 1 Abstract 2 Chapter 1 8 Introduction 8 1.1 The dependency of Texas economy on oil & gas sector 8 1.1.1 Problem Statement 9 1.1.2 Research Significance and broader impacts 10 1.1.3 Research Question and Hypotheses 11 1.2 Research Purposes 11 1.2.1. Overall Research Objective 11 1.2.2 Specific Research Objectives 12 Chapter 2 13 Background 13 2.1 Crude oil 13 2.2 Crude Oil Extraction 17 2.3 Crude Oil in Texas 22 2.4 Texas Economy and Crude Oil 36 2.5 Oil Transportation and Storage 41 2.6 Role of Pipelines 48 Chapter 3 52 Methodology 52 3.1 Description 52 3.2 Hypothesis statement 53 Chapter 4 61 Results 61 Chapter 5 65 Contribution to the Body of Knowledge 65 5.2 Limitations and Area of Disciplines 66 5.3 Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact 67 Appendix A 69 References 70 List of Illustrations Figure 1.1 Texas Field Production of Crude Oil 9 Figure 2 Snapshot of the Excel Model 56
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