Evaluation And Theory Of The Empowerment Framework

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Section D Framework & Theory (3) Neveah’s treatment will be approached from an empowerment framework. According to Dass-Brailsford (2011), the empowering model is a culturally sensitive and ecologically valid therapeutic approach to utilize with ethnic minority clients. This approach emphasizes the client’s capabilities, self-determination, and a positive sense of self (Logan, 2015). From a broad perspective, the empowerment framework focuses on the following themes: the client’s psychological state, development level, and freedom from oppression (Logan, 2015). The empowerment framework was selected to address Neveah’s history of trauma and oppression, while utilizing her strengths. Her history demonstrates a lack of control and self-determination as she endured physical and sexual abuse in an oppressed country. The empowerment framework will give Neveah a sense of control over her own life (Dustin & Montgomery, 2010). Through self-determination she will define her treatment goals as well as the treatment process. The clinician should approach treatment as a way to assist the client with achieving their own liberation, which builds skills for future challenges (Ishizuka & Husain, 2015). As a sexual and ethnic minority, Neveah faces forms of social oppression as well as the opportunity to liberate the oppressed through social justice. Neveah’s current level of development focuses on personal identity. At this stage of development, it is imperative to facilitate

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